Sizzle, Savour, Repeat

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Customize your Sizzlers on demand


Vegetarian Starters

Peri Peri French Fries
Veg Croquettes With Fries
American Corn Cheese Ball
Stuffed Mushroom Sticks
Chilli Paneer
Veg Manchiria Dry
Crispy Cauliflower Taipai
Hot Ansd Soft Corn Curd In Hot Garlic Sauce
Honey Chilli Potato

Non-Vegetarian Starters

Peri Peri Pop Corn Chicken
Hot & Crispy Drum Sticks
Asian Grilled Chicken
Chicken Manchuria
Schezwan Chicken Chilli Dry
Chilli Chicken
Honey Chilli Chicken
Singapore Crispy Chicken

Hot & Juicy Fish & Chips
Peppery Fried Prawn


Veg Sizzlers

Veg Satellite Sizzler
Corn Pattie Toped With Garlic & Cheese Slice

Sizzling Veg Pattie Sizzler
Mixed Veg Pattie Toped With Garlic & Pepper Sauce

American Corn Cheese Balls
Sizzler Fresh Cheese & Corn Balls Fried &Loaded With Garlic Sauce

Paneer Tikka Sizzler
Served With Makhani&Schezwan Sauce On Abed Of Rice & Fries

Stuffed Mushroom Sizzler
Stuffed Mushrooms With Sweet & Spicy Sauce

Joe Special Mix Veg Combo Sizzler
Cheese Balls,Veg Pattie & Paneer Toped With Garlic & Schezwan Sauce

Chilli Paneer Sizzler
Chilli Paneer Served With Bed Of Rice / Noodle

Hawaiian Paneer Shashlik Sizzler
Served With Garlic &Schezwan Sauce on a bed 0f Rice & Fries Topping with Pineapple Slice

Pacchi Mirchi Paneer Pulao Sizzler
Paneer Pulao Served In Hot Plate

Non-Veg Sizzlers

Joe Special Chicken Sizzler
Fried Chicken Served With Peppery Schewan Sauce

Chicken Drums Stick Sizzler
Crispy Wings Served With Sauce Of Ur Choice

Chicken Steak Sizzler
Grilled Chicken Breast Servedwith Garlic &Spicy Sauce

Chicken Tikka Sizzler
Tawa Tikka Served With Makhani&Schezwan Sauce
Peppery Chicken Sizzler Spicy Grilled Chicken With Black Pepper Sauce

Joe Special Mix Meat Sizzler
Fried Chicken,Grilled Fish &Prawns Served With Peppery Schewan Sauce

Spicy Fish Steak Sizzler
Grilled Fish Loaded With Schezwan Sauce

Grilled Prawn Sizzler
Spicy Grilled Shrimps With Choice Of Garlic/Pepper & Schewan Sauce

Chicken Over Loaded Jumbo Sizzler
Egg Biryani Sizzler Biryani Served In Sizzler Plate

Chicken Tikka Biryani Sizzler
Chicken Tikka Biryani Served In Hot Plate


Garden Fresh Grilled Vegetables With Paste In Cream Cheese Sauce Or Masala Mafia Or Arabhiata

Grilled Chicken Pasta In Cream Cheese 0r Masala Mafia Or Arabhiata


Choose Your Fried Rice  Veg / Chicken (American Corn/ Butter Burnt Garlic /Szechwan / Manchurian)

Choose Your Noodles- Veg / Chicken (Butter Chilli Garlic / Curry Flavoured /Szechwan)
Main Course
Veg Main Course
Paneer With Kung Pow Sauce Stuffed Eggplant In Chilli Soya Sauce Exotic Vegetable With Manchuria Sauce Capsicum Hot Garlic Sauce
Non-Veg Main Course
Chicken Hot Garlic Sauce Chicken Manchuria – Gravy Sczhwan Chicken Wet

Sizzling Brownie With Ice Cream


Pocket Combo
Veg Fried Rice In Manchuria Sauce
Veg Fried Rice In Paneer Hot Garlic
Veg Noodle In Manchuria Sauce
Veg Noodle In Paneer Hot Garlic
Fried Rice With Chicken Hot Garlic Sauce
Soft Noodles In Chicken Manchuria Sauce
Soft Noodle With Chicken Hot Garlic Sauce
Mint Majito – The Virgin
Orange Majito
Bottled Water
Cold Beverages

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